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Drop the Disco Ball and Cue the Music

I was born with a strawberry hemangioma between my eyebrows. At the time of my birth it was a small red spot between my eyebrows and by the time I was 3 months old it had developed into a golfball size bright red protrusion from my forehead. As a child, this mark brought much unwanted attention, especially for my mother. She recalls receiving scowls in the grocery store as if people thought she had somehow inflicted this upon me. Over time the mark faded in color and size and by the time I was 10 years old it was a small flesh colored raised area. My parents made the difficult decision to have it surgically removed as I would be entering middle school soon and they knew how cruel kids could be. They always had my best interest at heart.

Conventional medicine describes this birthmark as an abnormal collection of blood vessels under the skin. But, in recent months I have begun to understand this as something much different. For anyone who has ever delved into the realm of spiritual growth most people recognize the area between our eyebrows as the Third Eye. This area is an energy center that is known as the “seat of intuition.” It is associated with intuition, clairvoyance and a connection to higher consciousness.

As I sit here as a middle aged adult I can look back on my life and recognize that I have always displayed empathic qualities. However, I never felt particularly intuitive or clairvoyant. As I began to train as a Reiki Practitioner this world began to unfold. At the first level of training, while performing Reiki with my instructor, I saw a vast array of colors. I could instantly feel, intuitively, where she had energetic anomalies and knew where the energy needed to shift. And then I began to see energy. I could see where energy was blocked in the body, where it was accumulated, and where energy was flowing properly. These abilities were blossoming by my level two training session, and by the time I reached the Reiki Master Level I was connecting with spirits, channeling and receiving direct messages for those around me. While on my daily walk on my lunch recently, I saw the auras of everyone passing me by. For some of the individuals I could see the actual color of energy around their bodies as they moved past me and for others, I could see the word representing the color. For example, the lady in the silver Subaru had a red field of energy surrounding her. The man that I had just passed with an obvious drug addiction had a cloud of black clinging to his energy field. And, the young man smoking a cigarette at the bus stop’s aura was bright white, which is unusual. It’s special. And, I almost stopped to tell him that, but I neglected to out of fear of rejection.

I will never forget the first time I ever reached out to a friend to inform them that their mother had come to me in my morning meditation and wanted me to tell them how proud she was of them. It turns out that day was day one of an educational program that he was starting. I wrote the text with the information quickly, but I sat there for several minutes before I could muster the courage to send it. Rewording, and trying to explain, over and over . . .how could I have obtained this information? I worried I might lose this friendship, or that they might think I was making it up, or off my rocker.

This is an intense internal battle. Connection with spirit for me is basically a no brainer. It happens very easily and effortlessly. However, communicating about these abilities with humans has been a real challenge for me. There are only a handful of people in my life that I have been open with about this. Truthfully, I have even had Reiki clients that I received information for that I did not share with them out of fear of rejection.

Rejection is the childhood theme that has fueled most decisions in my life to date. I discovered this while working with my amazing Life Coach, Kate Ingram. Through many sessions, 2 years worth, and much personal work I have begun to let some of it go. I have been able to start living with courage. Doing things that I am afraid of but choosing to do them anyway. I was recently encouraged by my guides and a mentor to step fully into and embrace my gifts and to share them with the world. They have been so helpful for my clients and created big openings and shifts in people's lives, but even still I have been afraid to admit that I even have these abilities.

The truth is that I have multiple intuitive gifts. I am intuitive, meaning I am able to connect with the higher consciousness of my clients, and deliver messages to them from their higher selves. I am a psychic medium, meaning I have the ability to connect spirits among the living and the dead. And I am a Channeler, meaning I receive direct downloads from spirit and the information flows through me like water through a hose. An example of this is, I had a colleague who messaged me regarding the inability to lose weight. I was told to pull one card from a particular oracle deck. I pulled a card, it was “The Power of the Divine Masculine” card. The interpretation of the card and the reason she had not been able to shed the weight came directly from spirit. I typed a message out in a matter of seconds that was remarkably eloquent and it pieced together the puzzle for this client in a way that there is no way on God’s Green Earth that my brain could have ever done so. Especially in such a short amount of time. It was bizarre! I was actually taken back. My eyes filled with tears. I had chills from head to toe. When I am intentionally connecting, chills are always an indicator of spirit confirmation. I was stunned. Sitting there in my chair thinking THAT just happened! And, the crazy part is, I knew exactly what it was. I didn’t question it for a second. I even articulated it to the client! I texted that it was a channeled message and that I was sitting there in disbelief.

Now, I don’t know if any of these gifts are actually correlated to my birthmark. My suspicion is that I was born with these abilities, but they were stunted by my fear of rejection and so I hid them away deep in my subconscious as a child, never to be seen again. Then, while on my personal growth journey as an adult, I opened my mind to the idea of expanded consciousness. I learned what my childhood patterns are and am now working on letting go and releasing them. Then I became attuned as a Reiki Master and Voifreakingla! It was as if the Universe flipped a switch and said, “Iiiiiit’s Showtime!” Drop the disco ball and queue the music!

I work with these energies and am harnessing these abilities in an effort to help more people and bring more light to this world. I offer Intuitive, Psychic Medium and Channeling Services on my website. All of my Reiki sessions include Sound Therapy and Intuitive/Psychic Services. A Reiki Session is the most comprehensive healing service that I offer.


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