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Wide Open Spaces

At first glance this picture looks like two motorcycles parked on the side of a desert highway. But if you look closely in the background you can see a tiny strip of highway heading into the mountains. This stretch of road was 13 miles of absolutely straight highway. I had never in my life ridden this far on such a road. Having grown up in the Ozark Hills and now residing in Southern Oregon we don’t have much opportunity to see this much road stretched out before us, or behind us in the rear view mirror for that matter.

The beauty which can be experienced riding on curvy mountain roads also in a way restricts our vision. It only allows you to focus on the corner in front of you or the vista that you’ve just surmounted. But, your vision and attention are limited in a way. There is beauty in being in the moment. I like to stay here most of the time quite frankly. However, arriving to a vast expanse of road that delivers miles of nothingness is where the real work is. It is in these moments that our minds are allowed the space to wander and we are able to connect with our inner knowing. In this space of wild contemplation you are not forcing or controlling for the sake of survival or a thrill but you are sinking and relaxing and opening.

Through my personal transformation and spiritual journey I have become friends with wide open spaces. When everything else falls away you are able to see and feel what really is. Truth. That is the good stuff.

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