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Reiki Explained

The purpose of this article is to explain, educate and enlighten others to the positive benefits of Reiki, a practical type of work that can help everyone. I have been utilizing Reiki for some time now, both as a client and a practitioner, and I have benefited greatly. My intention is to explain Reiki so as to allow everyone to see the ways in which Reiki may benefit them.

What is Reiki? Reiki is a practice that can enhance areas of your life and bring you closer to where you want to be. Reiki is the use of energy to heal all aspects of ourselves; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

In order to properly explain Reiki as a practice we must first have a discussion about energy. Energy is usable power and may be a positive spiritual force. We humans are made up of energy, and everything around us is energy. Energy can stagnate or accumulate just like a river stops flowing in a flat low land or accumulates behind a dam. Disease and illness are caused by this stagnation or accumulation of energy.

When a Reiki Practitioner is trained, they learn to use energy to help clients physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. This means the practitioner becomes an energy conduit to help their clients direct energy where it needs to be for healing. The practitioner moves energy that is blocked and also releases energetic dams so that energy may flow to areas where it hasn’t been able to reach. This movement of energy throughout the body facilitates healing in all areas – body, mind and soul. Reiki Practitioners do not have special powers, they simply have a desire to help others and are willing to surrender and allow healing to be done through them.

Reiki is not a religion. It is a practice that can help people connect more deeply to the divine.

There is no negativity in Reiki. Reiki may have a “woo-woo” factor for some; but as more people begin to understand how mindfulness practice, breathing techniques, meditation, affirmations and relaxation can facilitate healing; now is the time to bring Reiki to the forefront.

How can Reiki help you? The benefits of Reiki are immense. For example, Reiki can enhance lives by decreasing anxiety and stress, decreasing blood pressure and depression, reducing cravings, improving lung function, enhancing cognitive function, increasing mindfulness and helping you fall asleep faster and sleep better. In addition, Reiki can help alleviate pain, both physical and emotional, from trauma, surgery, and injury, accelerating the body’s natural ability to heal.

What is a session like? The first few minutes are spent talking to the client about what brings them to Reiki. We explore what areas of their lives need healing or enhancing and what their intentions are for the practice. The practitioner explains briefly what Reiki is and what the session will entail. Allergies and triggers are discussed.

Sessions are between 1.5 and 2 hours. 15-30 minutes of discussion are completed before and after the session and then Reiki is performed for a total of 1 to 1.5 hours.

The client stays fully clothed and lays on a Reiki Table, sometimes under blankets if that is most comfortable.

Hands are placed on various areas depending on the clients needs. These areas may include: feet, knees, hips, abdomen, heart, shoulders, hands, elbows, throat, sides of the head, and top of the head.

For those who have any history of trauma where touch is triggering, hands will be placed above the body as to not create unease for the client. This experience is all about helping the client in the ways they need it, not about creating more trauma or disharmony in the body, mind or soul.

The practitioner typically starts at the head or feet and moves around the body in a systematic fashion. Time spent on each area is based on the intuition of the practitioner and what areas need more energy work.

What is the client’s experience? The experience of a client is varied. Most experience profound reduced anxiety and an increase in relaxation and peace. Some clients will see visions or colors, some will feel sensations such as rushes of energy or tingling, some will have messages come to them, while others will experience a variety of emotions. Most clients express life changes over the days and weeks after a session. They feel things open up or come together in a way that they had not before. Almost every client feels relaxed and at peace when the session is over.

What’s next? If you are intrigued and want to learn more about how Reiki can help you, I encourage you to contact me to discuss setting up an appointment. Please feel confident that you can ask any question or voice any concern to me prior to our session. I will work to put you at ease and educate you about the benefits of Reiki. I believe that you will see results.

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